Environmental Enlightenment #200
By Ami Adini - January 5, 2013

This is a SHORT, LIGHT and SIMPLE newsletter. Its purpose is to rekindle in the initiated terminology they have once learned, and enlighten the uninitiated on terms they may have heard but never knew the meaning of.

Power of Simplicity -
The EPA's Citizen's Guide to Cleanup Technologies

I’ve run into a treasure-trove.

EPA Series: A Citizen's Guide to Cleanup Technologies


See there:

The Citizen's Guide series is a set of 22 fact sheets that summarize cleanup methods used at Superfund and other sites. The series was originally released ten years ago and was updated in 2012 to include information about new technologies and techniques. Each fact sheet is two pages long and answers six questions about the cleanup method:
  1. What is it?
  2. How does it work?
  3. How long will it take?
  4. Is it safe?
  5. How might it affect me? and
  6. Why use it?

Spanish translations of these guides will be available in 2013. Until then, the Spanish versions of the 2001 guides are still available

The FACT SHEETS are designed to convey otherwise-complex information in layperson’s language and provide grassroots information enabling the uninitiated make informed decisions.

I have long since subscribed to the belief that the power of intelligent communication lies in simplicity. When young, I learned of a renowned general who could convey in a few words a concept that would take professional orators long minutes to say.

The Citizen’s Guide is aiming at such a goal and doing it well.

In coming newsletters I will present you samples from the Guide and try to ease your entry even more.


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