Environmental Enlightenment #132

By Ami Adini -
Reissued February 19, 2015

This is a SHORT, LIGHT and SIMPLE newsletter. Its purpose is to rekindle in the initiated terminology they have once learned, and enlighten the uninitiated on terms they may have heard but never knew the meaning of.


Investigations of contamination in the subsurface environment must deal with the various soil and rock structures that make this environment. In our reports, one may run into a term called “stratigraphy.” We use this term to describe the sequence or order of rock or soil layers in a geologic formation.

Stratum in Latin means horizontal layer, and strata is plural of stratum. These horizontal layers have been formed by deposits in the beds of rivers, lakes and seas. As the diagrams below depict, the layers may not be uniform in length, do not always stay horizontal and get cut and shifted up and down. Changes in the thickness of the layers and the sudden vertical shifts sometimes occur within short distances in the investigated sites.

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