Environmental Enlightenment #118

By Ami Adini - Reissued December 29, 2015

This is a SHORT, LIGHT and SIMPLE newsletter. Its purpose is to rekindle in the initiated terminology they have once learned, and enlighten the uninitiated on terms they may have heard but never known the meaning of.


 “Ad” means “toward”, and “vection” comes from “vehere” meaning, to carry. It’s all Latin. Put them together and we get “advection.”

Merriam Webster on-line defines advection as “the usually horizontal movement of a mass of fluid (as air or an ocean current); also: transport (as of pollutants or plankton) by such movement.”

In meteorology, advection is the horizontal transfer of any atmospheric property (hot air, cold air, moist air, etc.) by the wind.

Advection Fog in San Francisco

Volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) can be emitted from contaminated soil or groundwater and intrude overlying buildings, impacting the quality of indoor air.

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems (“HVAC” systems), basements, strong winds and other factors can exacerbate vapor intrusion problems by reducing internal air pressure and creating a "vacuum effect" that enhances the advective flow of vapors through building floors.

The field of vapor intrusion investigations is still evolving.

Acknowledgment: “ Screening For Environmental Concerns At Sites With Contaminated Soil and Groundwater; INTERIM FINAL - February 2005;” California Regional Water Quality Control Board, San Francisco Bay Region, Oakland, California.

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