Environmental Enlightenment #190
By Ami Adini - March 31, 2017

This is a SHORT, LIGHT and SIMPLE newsletter. Its purpose is to rekindle in the initiated concepts they have once learned, and enlighten the uninitiated on concepts they may have never heard of, but will understand once they are introduced to them.

Deeper than Skin

Substances enter bodies in three ways: eating (ingestion), breathing (inhalation), and skin (dermal) absorption.

A sage once said, “Do not ingest the food whose name you can´t pronounce.” In decades of practice in hazardous-substance arenas, I learned to adopt the “can´t pronounce” rule for substances that may come in contact with the skin.

Out of mere boredom, one day I picked up a face-shaving lotion at the store and attempted to read the ingredients. I gaped, pulled a pen, reached for a napkin and listed them down:


C12-15 alkyl benzonate
C13-14 iso paraffin
Isononyl isononanoate
Tocopheryl acetate
Retinyl palmitate
Polypropylene glycol
Chitosan lactate
Menthyl lactate
Isopropyl paraben

Isobutyl paraben
Butyl paraben
Benzyl alcohol
Phenoxy ethanol
Isobutyl paraben
Butyl paraben
Ethyl paraben
Propyl paraben
Disodium EDTA
Polymethyl metacrylate

Goodness! Twenty-seven terms I could not straightforwardly pronounce or spell!

Back in my office I opened a chemical encyclopedia and gave up in a hurry.

The next morning, I concocted the Ami Adini’s Homemade Shaving Lotion for the Enterprising Male.

The ingredients:

Liquid soap of the most basic formula, and, cold-pressed, extra virgin olive oil

The application:
Wet the face with warm water.
Apply the soap and lather it up in light strokes.
Apply the oil onto the soaped face with light strokes.

The combination of oil and soap creates a rich, smooth lather.

While some commercial formulas result in closer shaving, my wife has yet to complain.

And topping it all is my sense of well-being, knowing that the complex life processes running my system are now isolated from 27 alien substances.

A disclaimer is in order, to the effect that as much as I would like to see you benefiting from my experience, skin care is not my trade, I know miserably little about it, and you are on your own if you should decide to follow my formula, on which I maintain no exclusivity.  


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