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About Us

Welcome to Ami Adini and Associates ’ SMART CLOSURE Program.

SMART CLOSURE is a premier Case Closure Acceleration Program serving the California Industry. Applicants who qualify for entry into the program typically experience a rapid increase of regulatory and cleanup activity all focused on one ultimate goal:


Applicants who successfully transfer their case into the Smart Closure Program can expect:

  A dedicated toll free number enabling you to speak directly to your case manager
  A dedicated team of professionals all working towards one goal – CASE CLOSURE
  A team that engages with local oversight agencies to achieve best results
  A focused and planned action toward Fast CASE CLOSURE

What’s more, there is no cost for application. Just call us now on 1-888-400-4260. When we receive your call you become eligible for a FREE file review. If your case qualifies for entry into the SMART CLOSURE Program, your case manager will then work with you to develop a streamlined and accelerated plan that ultimately leads to FAST CASE CLOSURE.

Do not delay. Call us today: 1-888-400-4260.



  100 North Brand Blvd, Suite #600   Glendale, CA 91203   Tel: (818) 824-8102   Mobile: (323) 899-5001   Email: