Series 2 Hazardous Vapor Intrusion Risks

By Ami Adini - Issued July 3, 2018

Here’s the second in a series of light and short audio-visual conversations on the control of environmental-risk concerns when transacting with commercial and industrial properties, and even residences.

Click here or on the “Series 2” line above, or on the “start” icon across, and they will activate the video. It is filled with colorful images that tell the story.

Here´s one image of an environmental risk that may concern the lambs:

And here’s an image that may alarm even the tigers amongst us: subterranean toxic vapor encroaching on an apartment complex. We evaluate the case for a prospective buyer and produce remedial-cost numbers that they plug into the transaction, and the fuzzy fear of the unknown, all but fizzles out.

Copies of all videos are available in pdf.

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