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About Us

Ami Adini & Associates, Inc. (AA&A), a predecessor of Ami Adini Environmental Services, Inc., provided top environmental consulting and underground/above ground storage tank services in California between 1987 and 2015. Ami Adini Environmental Services, Inc., is owned and operated by the principal shareholders of AA&A and uses the knowledge and experience of AA&A to advise on the risks that environmental impediments pose to transactions with residential, commercial and industrial properties; and how to remove the risks and enable the transform otherwise worthless land into a flourishing investment.

We specialize in environmental site assessments and remediation of impacted land and groundwater. We have the experience that accumulates from the completion of thousands of Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments and extensive remediation on industrial, commercial and residential properties in the public and private sectors.

Our mission is to provide you with unparalleled service and results in the most time and cost effective means possible. We understand the need to keep your company operational at all times, and as such our workflow is designed to work around your business.

Our core team of associated scientists, licensed contractors, and expansive affiliation with a large number of veteran environmental professionals allows us to perform our duties efficiently with minimal impact on your facilities.
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