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About Us
Environmental Consulting

AA&A takes pride in providing you with the quality of service you expect from a well-established and respected environmental company. We can assess your project, provide you with a needed plan of action, and efficiently clean your site without interfering with your daily operations. Our state-of-the-art technologies are non-intrusive and allow us to work around your facilities to meet your needs.

Our services include:
  • Free Evaluation of Environmental Site Assessment Reports
  • Phase I, Phase II and Phase III environmental site assessments
  • Vapor intrusion assessment
  • Vapor intrusion mitigation
  • Preliminary endangerment assessments
  • Subsurface contaminated soil and groundwater investigations
  • Subsurface soil gas vapor investigation
  • Restoration of brownfields
  • Dry cleaners contamination
  • Oil spill contamination
  • Salvage, wrecking and metal recycling yards
  • Leaking underground storage tank sites
  • Remediation of contaminated properties
  • Cleanup of contaminated soil and groundwater
  • Environmental litigation support
  • Environmental forensic support
  • Environmental regulatory compliance
  • Environmental case closure
  • General environmental engineering contractor services
  • Other environmental consulting needs
Industrial contamination: metal finishing, metal plating, machine shop

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