Bio Slurping

Apr 6, 2019

Environmental Enlightenment #308

Bio means Life, and Slurping is the action of sucking a fluid or solids with a strong flow or air.

When your drink has reached the bottom of the glass and you want the last few drops, you “slurp” with the suction straw.

The suction creates a flow of air that breaks the surface of the liquid into droplets. The droplets get entrained in the air stream (like dust particles in the hose of the vacuum cleaner) and are pulled up. We can go hundreds of feet deep in this fashion.

In the image above, the dark layer is a petroleum fluid (gasoline, diesel oil, or the like) floating on groundwater.

We lower a suction tube (our “slurping straw”) down, just above the floating layer and slurp it up and away. The suction induces a flow of air that provides oxygen to indigenous bacterial and invigorate them to feed on the petroleum.

Thus, we have a dual action: (1) mechanical extraction by slurping, and (2) biological destruction through ingestion.

Wishing you a most productive spring.


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