Brownfields Environmental Assessment and Cleanup Funding by State of California

Oct 26, 2018

Environmental Enlightenment #301

Brownfields can be any property where reuse or redevelopment is hampered because of known or perceived environmental contamination.

Addressing brownfields, through environmental investigation and cleanup, facilitates redevelopment, community revitalization and provides safe living, working, and recreational spaces.

The California EPA Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC), has several funding programs to assist with the investigation and cleanup of environmental impacted properties, also known as “Brownfields.” These funding programs are supported by grants from US EPA.

Brownfields can include the following:

  • Properties with minimal historical information
  • Factories
  • Crop farms
  • Dairy farms
  • Cattle ranches
  • Dry-cleaners
  • Mining sites
  • Illegal drug labs
  • Abandoned buildings & vacant properties
  • Properties near to those with known environmental contamination

DTSC provides financing for brownfield cleanups through simple interest loans at below market rates:

  • Specific loan terms are negotiated on a site-by-site basis.
  • Most parties are eligible, including local agencies, nonprofit organizations and private companies — as long as they are not considered to be a responsible party.
  • Under certain circumstances, grants are also considered.

Contact DTSC for detailed information on applicant and property eligibility requirements:
Maryam Tasnif-Abbasi, DTSC Regional Brownfields Coordinator

Explore additional information on DTSC’s Loans and Grants page at:

Additional information is at:

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