On Being an Expert

Apr 20, 2020

Environmental Enlightenment #235

​Asserting oneself an expert bears responsibility. What is an expert?

Here are thoughts, humbly submitted for your inspection.

Expertise is a graduated, spirally climbing scale, ever returning to itself at higher and higher plateaus.

We assign arbitrary values of gradation:

0.0 Doesn’t know the subject exists.

1.0 Finds there is a subject.

1.2 Admits he knows nothing about the subject.

2.0 Studies some. Believes he knows enough to start producing results.

2.1 Makes mistakes but doesn’t know he makes mistakes.

2.9 Suspects he makes mistakes but not sure what they are.

3.0 Realizes he knows some about the subject but not enough; able to recognize own mistakes; confesses ignorance to self but not to others.

3.2 Studies more. Applies. Gains experience.

4.0 Experienced. Able to produce predictable results. Willing to admit to others that which he doesn’t know and return with practical solutions or viable alternatives.

5.0 Expert: Experienced on a high plane. Says what he knows; knows what he knows; admits that which he doesn’t know. Certain in his ability to learn fast that which he may not already know.

6.0 to infinity. Repeats the 1.0 to 6.0 series on rising altitudes. Enthusiastically shares knowledge to raise expertise in others. Delights in seeing others become more able by their own estimation.

May you always have opportunity to share wisdom with others.


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