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Aug 3, 2020

Environmental Enlightenment #219

Here’s a data-packed site that provides handy information on environmental conditions of sites of interest.

Real-estate brokers, attorneys and investors can glide through it fast to identify items of interest.

It is managed by the SWRCB, State of California Water Resources Control Board, a sub-agency of Cal-EPA:

water droplets on glass panel

SWRCB operates the GeoTracker database:

Move the cursor to Tools, a dropdown menu opens up, click on Advanced Search, and a data entry form appears:

Right under this form you have a list of Site/Facility Types. For the purpose of transactions in real estate, I find it convenient to check them all.


I am interested in a transaction with Staples Center 😊 😊 located at 1111 S Figueroa St, Los Angeles, CA 90015. I enter the info.


I click Search, and this one comes up:

Right away I know it has a permitted installation of underground tanks and there are no indications of environmental contamination issues connected with this property.

This is good but not good enough because I also want to know if there might be environmental impacts on the place from adjacent properties.

I click on MAP and an entire universe of surrounding sites opens up.

We take it from here to explore any nearby site of interest.

Call me for any site of interest and I shall walk you through patiently (I promise 😊) through the entire search process. Better yet, I can do this quick search for you free of charge.


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