Reducing Environmental-risk Concerns in the Real Estate Transaction

Mar 21, 2018

Environmental Enlightenment #240

“Take calculated risks. That is quite different from being rash.” — General George Patton

Dealing with contaminated properties poses certain risks that can be estimated to the degree that they can be understood; and understanding is brought about through communication.

Communication of concepts is an interesting affair. We take physical nothingness (thought) and convert it to material somethingness (sound waves, printed word, or painted canvass) that is transmitted by sound, sight or touch to a receiving person with the aim to create another nothingness (understanding) in the receiver of the communication, and with the ultimate objective to bring into being something physical in the real world.

Belshazzar’s Feast (Rembrandt) 1635

We use pictures and diagrams in our newsletters to assist in this process. We find that clear pictures with ample space promote understanding.

Pictures are only analogy; they are not the thing.

In depicting God, Michelangelo chose a representation of a bearded male with hair flying in the wind. We assume that the artist was aware of the basic concept of the Eternal: that which has no mass, no gender, no form, and no location in time or space, except by choice.

Michelangelo, Rome’s Sistine Chapel 1512

Similarly, one is reminded that pictures of atoms and molecules are not atoms or molecules. These are renditions in the attempt to achieve a workable understanding that enables us build homes, car engines, and smart phones. It may happen one day, when we attempt to reach the stars, that our current understanding of the atom will prove incorrect. It was good enough to build cars, but not to break through the speed of light.

Our newsletters aim to provide practical knowledge that will enable readers to approach transactions in contaminated properties with comfort. We strive at good balance between words and images to facilitate comfortable assimilation of that knowledge.


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