Series 2 – Hazardous Vapor Intrusion Risks

May 28, 2020

Hello, here’s the second in a series of light and short audio-visual conversations on risks that should be considered in transactions with commercial and industrial properties, and in some cases, even residences.

These risks generate concerns that, at times, they loom big over transactions; while, with proper knowledge, they can be controlled.

The video is below. It is filled with images that make it fun to watch and quick to grasp.

Here’s one that you may like:

And here’s a case of toxic vapor encroaching on an apartment complex. We evaluated the case for the prospective purchaser and produced numbers that they were able to plug into the equation of the transaction, and the lurking wolf turned friendly.

The purpose of our videos is to promote prosperity to society and culture through education.

We hope you’ll find this video true to purpose.


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