Phase II Environmental Site Assessments


Qualifications:  We’ve been in the Phase II work since 1988, with hundreds of sites long since stopped being counted. Our staff and associates are veteran professionals, each with over four decades of experience in the fields that contribute to optimal performance of these duties.

Purpose: Validate or remove the environmental concerns raised by the Phase I Environmental Site Assessment Process.

Important: The aim of Phase II is strictly a “Yes” or “No” answer to the questions raised in the Phase I process: Are there indications that the property is contaminated to the degree that may bring about enforcement actions by the concerned regulatory agencies? Regulatory enforcement actions typically require wide scope of investigations and at times they results in expensive cleanups. The scope of Phase II work does not generally suffice to find out the complete magnitude and/or future costs of the problem, if problem is identified.

Components of the Phase II:

  1. Detailed workplan describing the methods and magnitudes of the investigation:
    1. Methods of drilling: hand drilling, direct push tube drilling, rotating auger drilling, sonic drilling, other methods, or combinations of the above.
    2. Scope of the drilling: number of test holes, locations, depths, sampling intervals
    3. Number of samples to be taken at each location and at what depths
    4. Health and Safety plans, as warranted by the scope of investigation
  1. Field Work:
    1. Performing the agreed-upon workplan
    2. Most Phase II field work can be done in one or two field days
  1. Lab Work:
    1. Samples get delivered to the lab immediately upon collection, following standard Chain-of-Custody procedures
    2. Lab work typically takes 5 business days and can be rushed for urgencies; sometimes to an overnight work.
    3. Lab work can also be rushed at times through the employment of a mobile lab on site on the day of the field work.
  1. Report:  A comprehensive, certified report with findings and conclusions

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